Just when you think you have seen it all when it comes to coffee, we discover all that 2019 has in store for our favorite kind of drug – caffeine! We at COFE did a little digging around to see what trends have been forecast for this 100 Billion Dollar industry. Here’s what we found out…


Heard of Cascara? These are the red coffee cherries that come from the coffee fruit. Turns out they are becoming increasingly popular in the coffee industry. Given the ever-growing focus on wellness in dietary habits, Cascara tea and flour has been doing the rounds with health conscious consumers. Rich in fiber, iron, protein and antioxidants, Cascara is expected to become a leading trend for 2019. Often discarded as waste, Cascara cherries are now claiming their righteous place.  

Buttered Coffee

Yep, you heard that right! Following the dietary trend trajectory, butter is yet another ingredient that will surprise and maybe even delight coffee drinkers. Buttered coffee literally means that your barista will now add a little bit of butter or coconut milk to your beverage. A big hit for people on Keto Diet, this addition is said to add healthy fats, and provide an energy boost without the typical caffeine crash. Myth or truth? How about you try it and tell us…


Nope, it’s not a joke! Expect 2019 to bring mushrooms to your daily Cup-of-Joe. Mushrooms in coffee were considered a passing trend in 2018, come 2019, the trend seems to be growing. Said to pack an immunity punch, boost energy, improve brain power and help with indigestion, Mushroom Coffee may be a trend you might want to experiment with.

Bubbly Brew

This one we have tried and aren’t very gung-ho about. A bubbly brew basically entails diluting your espresso with tonic water. But hey, if you like your coffee with bubbles, who are we to judge? Maybe even garnish it with mint leaves, rosemary, and add lemon juice to make a coffee cocktail (yep, yet another trend!), but let’s leave that for another blog… shall we?