• The initial phase of this collaboration includes introducing new coffee concepts and experiences starting with the largest co-organized “Al Hamra COFE Festival” featuring the Al Hamra COFE Award – a Latte Art Competition.
  • The collaboration will respond to the large market demand on coffee in Kuwait.


 Al Hamra Tower & Luxury Center and COFE App, a Kuwait-based coffee-centric marketplace app, announced today a collaboration aiming to foster Kuwait’s growing coffee community. The initial phase of this collaboration will include organizing a Latte Art Competition at Al Hamra Tower & Luxury Center starting January 29, 2019.

 Aligning with the growing market demand on coffee in Kuwait, the “Al Hamra COFE Award” a latte art championship, is part of the larger coffee celebration organized over 3 days, from January 29 till 31, 2019 by Al Hamra Tower & Luxury Center and COFE App. Contestants can register for the competition through COFE App’s website. The winner of the championship will receive KWD 1000 cash. The event will provide coffee lovers with a unique opportunity to discover a whole new dimension of coffee making through a series of activities with mixologists and coffee specialists.

 “Coffee is not just a beverage, it is a culture. There is so much to discover about coffee in addition to just consuming the beverage. In the recent years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in Kuwait, both in terms of new and exciting coffee houses, as well as people’s interest in this market. The “Al Hamra COFE Festival” is our way of bringing this growing coffee community together,” said Founder & CEO of COFE App, Mr. Ali Al Ebrahim.

While the industry is rapidly growing, coffee consumption in Kuwait is rising and gaining strong attention from the consumer. The recent explosion of local coffee shops in the country has come to show the strength of demand in this market. Studies have shown that the number of coffee shop openings in Kuwait has more than doubled to reach 48 coffee shops in 2016 and 81 coffee shops openings in 2017.[1]

“We noticed the strong demand for coffee shops at the mall. Responding to this large market in Kuwait, we partnered with COFE App to provide coffee enthusiasts with an opportunity to discover different coffee concepts. We have had an engaging partnership with COFE App ever since its inception, and this time will be no different,” said the Marketing and PR Manager of Al Hamra Tower & Luxury Center, Mr. Abdullah Al Mansour.

Created by a team of coffee enthusiasts, COFE App has carved itself a niche among coffee lovers and early adopters in Kuwait’s market. The startup app was beta launched in February 2018 and has quickly penetrated the market given the unique services it provides to its users.

 COFE App enables customers to order and pay for their coffee, and choose from multiple delivery options, including fast delivery to their office or home, counter pick up, and car pick up service. The entire selection and purchasing process takes place in the app, which offers comprehensive menus and drink customization options.


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