Our app runs on love, laughter and lots of COFE!

“Why only COFE?” they often ask us; because that’s what we love and want to share with the world. For us COFE is not just a beverage, it’s a conversation we want to have with our customers. A community we aspire to create.

Words that Inspire

At COFE App we believe in learning from the best. Here are five quotes to live by from some of the most admired entrepreneurs, that we hope will guide you in getting started on your dream project.On grabbing opportunities that can change your life: Sir Richard Branson...

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Calling All COFE Lovers!

The second edition for the Al Hamra COFE Festival intends to bring the coffee community in Kuwait even closer with exciting events, prizes and the ultimate hunt for Kuwait’s most artistic barista.

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Celebrate with COFE

Winters, holidays and loads of celebrations… isn’t this just your favorite time of the year? Given that nothing is more happy-making than a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter evening, here’s a COFE roundup of our favorite holiday beverages introduced by COFE...

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One Coffee Many Names

Coffee, Java, COFE or Cup of Joe, whatever are you calling your caffeine boost lately? Also where did all these name come from? Read on to find out…

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