At COFE, we partner with vendors who believe that coffee is not just a beverage but a culture. CAF has time and again proved their commitment to helping the ever growing community of coffee enthusiasts thrive and connect.

With a diverse portfolio of customers, CAF’s unifying factor for all its different COFE Lovers lies in their community-driven messaging. They have since their inception created a space where social chemistry between people is complemented by their hands-on, attentive, and social service.  

Well known for their creative combinations, CAF pays special attention to details, has an open heart – reflected through the warmth of their baristas and in smiles of their customers. However, it is the craftsmanship reflected in their brews that makes them truly special. Both the quality of their beans, and the concoctions created take the coffee drinking experience to the next level. They create coffee magic with laughter and artistic notions.

CAF see their expansion as a necessary step in the path towards elevating the coffee experience regionally as well as a way to inculcate artistry and diversity from the new people and places they are being exposed to. With a loyal customer base in Kuwait, CAF is now attracting regional attention with this expansion into Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 2019 will see them reaching out to COFE Lovers in Bahrain and Dubai (UAE).

CAF believes that their success is owed to all the people who have shown faith and support in their dream.  As such, through CAF Café they have created a space where other dreamers and creative thinkers can find ways to express themselves. CAF strives on the concept of doing well by doing good, hence with every cup purchased, funds are donated to a charity in the field of education and family empowerment.

For COFE, CAF brings to our online coffee marketplace a beautiful amalgamation of creative excellence and community spirit.