In an event attended by investors from the Gulf region, COFE App announced and celebrated the launch of COFE App 3.0 and unveiled a stunning, state-of-the-art user interface, a series of new features that simplify the coffee ordering process, increases and rewards customer loyalty, and creates new growth channels for participating partners.

The launch took place at an exclusive event held at the Kuwait Economic Society, and featured a high-profile panel discussion titled “Coffee in the Digital Age”.  Speakers included Starbucks Co-Founder and COFE App Advisor Zev Siegl, Magnitt Founder Philip Bahoshy, Forbes Middle East Technical Reporter Hisham Ibrahim and COFE App Founder and CEO Ali Al Ebrahim.


COFE App is an online coffee-centric marketplace mobile application conceptualized in Kuwait and developed in Silicon Valley to connect coffee house chains and speciality coffee roasters with coffee lovers through a seamless, easy and efficient user-interface. The App offers customers a new coffee purchasing experience and provides extensive menu options that enable drinks customization (for example: sugar, milk type, and other add-ons) and multiple delivery options, including fast delivery to the office or home, store pick up, and in car delivery service.

COFE App Founder and CEO Ali Al Ebrahim said, “Few weeks ago, we closed our Pre-Series A round of funding, raising US 3.2 Million Dollars from investors across the Middle East. Today we are very excited to present COFE App 3.0, our largest update to-date, loaded with new features and a beautiful user experience”.

COFE App was beta launched in February 2018. Since then it has been featured in Forbes Middle East’s annual list of “Top 50 startups to watch for in the Arab world” and was chosen among the most promising 100 Arab Startups by The Arab Youth Centre in Dubai, UAE.

Siegl’s participation in the panel discussion stems from his passion to support and encourage young entrepreneurs by sharing lessons he learned during his career’s journey and help them make good decisions in their new businesses. His experience made him a leader and good researcher. He believes that proper research leads to a correct and proper decision and to succeed in any project, one needs passion, time and planning.

Co-founder and COFE App Advisor ZEV SIEGL said, “I am happy to collaborate with the COFE App team and proud of the success and development they’ve achieved. During my stay in Kuwait, I visited more than 20 coffee shops and I was impressed by the high level of service, innovation and the high demand on coffee shops which ensure that the COFE App market will keep on growing and will reach the international market very soon!”

COFE App features:

  • State-of-the-art Customer Rewards program that enables customers to collect points and redeem them with prizes
  • Saves time through a quick, easy, seamless and simple coffee purchasing experience.
  • Extensive menu options that enable drinks customization (for example: sugar, milk type, and other add-ons).
  • Multiple delivery options, including fast delivery to office or home, store pick up, and in car delivery service.
  • Catering services for meetings and private banquets, with on-site kiosk and barista service.
  • Multiple payment options, including cash-on delivery, debit cards and credit on the account.