Kuwait’s Favorite COFE Application Now Even Better

The online COFE marketplace releases COFE App 2.0. The upgraded version of the mobile application promises a more intelligent user interface wherein the ordering process of regular subscribers can be completed in three easy steps – get on the App, tap on their favorite order and proceed to check out.


In addition to a more streamlined ordering process, the app is also easier on the eyes with both image and video capabilities. Featured content on the application gives users easier access to the latest deals and promotions, while increased payment options allow COFE lovers more freedom in terms of how they use their credits.


“It has been our constant endeavor for to make sure that the app is both functional and fun. The key in my opinion to a successful mobile application is ease of use and functionality, while the fun part is what keeps our COFE lovers coming back for more…,” said Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder and CEO of COFE App.


The COFE App has always been responsive to the market and works consistently towards creating a smarter mobile application for its customers. As a lifestyle app COFE understands and anticipates customer needs and priorities. Currently topping the App store charts as Kuwait’s favorite COFE App, the update is now available on App Store for iPhone users and will soon be added to Google Play for Androids.