COFE App, the coffee-centric online marketplace app announced today that it will be sponsoring the ‘#RA_Join the Fight’ movement to help Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) raise awareness about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The initiative that has been organized by Neon Fitness, Tamper and Image Productions Kuwait, will culminate with a CrossFit Event being held on the 10th of January, at Abdulmunim Riyadh Street.

The proceeds earned from the CrossFit event will go to KRCS in order to patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The event is being hosted by Kuwaiti fashionista Dana Al Tuwarish and is further supported by renowned social media personalities like Hajar Jamal, Noura Al Ameeri, Yalda Golshraafi, Alaa Al Hendi, and Mohamad Mirza, all of whom have joined the fight against Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Commenting on the occasion, COFE App Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim said, “COFE App has always believed in adding ease to people’s life, be it through our app or through this event that will ease the lives of RA patients. We hope that this event helps KRCS treat more people who cannot afford treatment on their own. We feel fortunate to be able to contribute in helping ‘#RA_Join the Fight’ create awareness and raise funds.”

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that results in disabling and painful conditions with substantial loss of organ functionality and mobility if not adequately treated. The KRCS is considered the major medical charity to cover those treatment costs for the patients in needs, however with limited financial capabilities has been finding it increasingly difficult to continue doing so due to an increasing number of patients. On an average KRCS receives 10 new applications for treatment by patients who can’t afford it on a monthly basis. In light of the above critical situation immediate action needs to be taken in order to elevate the capabilities of KRCS, increase their donation resources to consequently secure treatment for a larger number of RA patients in Kuwait.

The App offers concierge services that enable customers to customize, order and pay for their coffee online, which can then be collected at the counter, office, car, hospital, airport departure gates. The App serves all kinds of coffee needs from ready-to-drink beverages, machines and beans.


About COFE App:               

  • Summer 2017: COFE App was seeded by its Kuwait-based founder Mr. Ali Al Ebrahim along with other coffee enthusiasts.
  • February 2018: Conceptualized in Kuwait and developed in Silicon Valley, the App was beta launched.
  • December 2018: The app has been featured in Forbes Middle East annual list of “Top 50 startups to watch for in the Arab world”.
  • February 2019: The App closed a Pre-Series A Round of funding, raising US 3.2 Million Dollars funds from investors across the Middle East and from Silicon Valley.
  • March 2019: Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder & CEO of COFE app listed as one of the 6 Notable Arab Innovators by Forbes Middle East. 
  • April 2019: “Arabian Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award” awarded to Mr. Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder & CEO of COFE app.
  • September 2019: Nominated for the Tech Innovation Awards at the annual Coffee Shop Innovation Expo to held in London in November 2019. 

COFE App features:

  • A state-of-the-art Customer Rewards program that enables customers to collect points and redeem them with prizes
  • Saves time through a quick, easy, seamless and simple coffee purchasing experience.
  • Extensive menu options that enable drinks customization (for example: sugar, milk type, and other add-ons).
  • Multiple delivery options, including fast delivery to office or home, store pick up, and in car delivery service.
  • Catering services for meetings and private banquets, with on-site kiosk and barista service.
  • Multiple payment options, including cash-on delivery, debit cards and credit on the account.
  • Bilingual, available both in English and Arabic.
  • COFE Maps: Map view showing all the COFE Shops around the users.

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