From a simple concoction made out of the ‘coffee berry’ in Ethiopia in the year 850 to today’s sophisticated specialty coffee – coffee has come a long, long way. But has the tremendous growth opportunity in the coffee industry hampered the emotional value that we draw from one of the world’s most loved beverages?

Although coffee has been a big part of our culture for ages, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of coffee drinking has changed drastically. While our grandfathers spent time at local coffee shops to share both caffeine as well as news and views, our generation is tilting towards the grab & go. Technology is affecting not just the coffee making process but also our coffee drinking rituals, wherein mobile applications like COFE are working to deliver effortless simplicity, consistency and speediness through every coffee transaction.

However does advancement in technology really need to translate into loss of culture? We at COFE don’t believe so. We think technology can be used to make better human connections. For example, the catering option (COFE Gatherings) available on the COFE App is all about bringing people together. Be it a Monday morning breakfast team meeting at office or a family get-together at your chalet over the weekend. The intention of the service is that instead of you finding an ideal coffee shop that matches all your requirements and location preferences – you choose a place and we bring the rest to you. Thus giving you the best of both worlds.

Similarly all the services within the COFE App are built to promote a sense of community. We are trying to streamline the COFE obtaining process as much as possible so you spend less and less time in lines and more and more time sharing conversations.

We believe that technology does not have to define whether or not we have stronger connections and a higher emotional quotient. What can and will define us is how we use it. And at COFE, we want to use it to bring people together.