You can’t be in the mobile application business and not have your own ‘favorite apps’ list. So here are our top five mobile applications we love and admire.


From food, to groceries, and even your dry cleaning – Postmates just about picks up anything from anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year! (Provided the store you want it from is open too). While its offerings are fantastic, its delivery charges can also be fantastically high. Why? Because, Postmates calculates delivery charges based on the distance between the pick-up point and the delivery point, then adds a convenience charge to the bill and also a surge charge (during peak times). However, to combat this, the company also offers users a monthly subscription, which gets you certain deliveries for free. Available on both Android and iOS


Uber Eats is Uber’s standalone on-demand food delivery app. Uber Eats functions similar to Uber sharing key features like estimated delivery times and cashless transactions. With independent drivers who move around looking for hungry people, once the order is placed for a specific restaurant, the closest driver accepts the task of picking up the food and subsequently delivering it. Much like Postmates, Uber Eats also has surge pricing but unlike Postmates the restaurants you can order from are limited to those that have partnered with the app. Available on both Android and iOS


With a store literally at every street corner, the coffee giant has now entered its customers’ phones as well with their mobile application. One of the highest ranking app when it comes to engagement, Starbucks App enables users to pay ahead of time and collect their orders at the counter. In addition to its rewards program where users get points for every coffee ordered, the also tailor unique promotions based on users’ tastes and preferences. However much of these features remain unavailable to users in Kuwait where the app does little more than provide an alternate payment gateway to users. Available on both Android and iOS


It may seem like we are tooting our own horn, but we do LOVE what we do! With the COFE App users can order from multiple COFE Vendors, instead of being limited to just one brand. The app offers numerous features including COFE Pick Up, Delivery and Catering. With no surge pricing, and a standard service fee, we deliver to COFE Lovers around Kuwait. In fact the COFE Pick Up service is actually offered to users at no additional cost. Users also get bonus coffee drinks when they buy in-app COFE Credits. You can view and participate in latest promotions and contests directly through the App. When it comes to COFE, we have you covered.                                                                                              Available on both Android and iOS


What gets us super excited about Deliveroo is the fact that it might soon be coming to Kuwait. With its own delivery fleet, Deliveroo handles all the transportation personally. It currently operates in more than 12 countries and is expanding rapidly. Deliveroo charges a variable delivery fee based on the distance between the pick-up point and delivery point. However, what we absolutely love is Deliveroo Plus that for a nominal monthly fee gives users unlimited free delivery and special promotions from select restaurants. Deliveroo’s greatest USP though are its short delivery times. Available on both Android and iOS