At COFE we recognize that your beverage is more than just an order. It’s a quintessential part of our customers’ everyday rituals, a catalyst for life-changing conversations, a culture unto itself.

Knowing this, it has always been our mission to enhance users’ caffeine experience; a journey that started by bringing all their favorite brands to one online mobile application marketplace that is both functional and fun. And now we’re proud to introduce the region’s first ever centralized coffee loyalty scheme with the “COFE Rewards Program”.

Personalization lies at the core of our COFE Rewards Program. We believe that just as there are varied types of coffee beans, there is also a multitude of coffee drinkers. A fact that inspired us to develop a program that rewards COFE Lovers based on their choices, rather than a one-size-fits-all model.

How it works is simple. Most of our COFE Lovers are already partial to a certain coffee house compared to others. Knowing this we wanted to reward their loyalty with what they already know and love. However, instead of setting up yet another point based reward system, we decided to give loyalty a COFE twist. Using coffee beans as currency, we tailored a program that rewards our user’s loyalty with every purchase.

A collection of beans, unlocks tiers

With every tier, COFE Lovers unlock COFE Rewards from their favorite COFE Vendors.

Brands COFE Rewards Program is available with.

At COFE we believe that technology, when used wisely, adds to our daily experiences. Hence, COFE’s continued effort has been to create a better, more innovative lifestyle app. One that makes our customer’s life easy, while giving them a little extra. Because who doesn’t appreciate a gift!?!

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