Coffee is the most important wake-up call for close to 2.25 billion people around the world everyday. Today, on the occasion of International Coffee Day we trace back the origins of this black gold.

Legend has it coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder in the 9th Century A.D. A herder named Kaldi discovered that his goats became active and energized after feeding on a cherry-like fruit. Seeing this, people started to consume coffee fruit as a stimulant by chewing it or grounding it to a paste. Little did anyone know that this tiny berry will one day go on to become the second most important commodity after oil.

In more recent history, coffee started to gain immense popularity as a beverage around the 17th Century A.D. A unifying socio-economic factor in many countries coffee became a commodity uniting the working classes (proletariat) with the upper class (bourgeoise). The onset of the industrial revolution also created a huge momentum in the consumption of coffee especially in the United States.

As we move ahead in time, by the mid 1800s, John Arbuckle, a coffee pioneer discovered ways and means to package roasted ground coffee. While he established his own regional brand, others began to follow suit. In 1938, after seven years of research, another coffee pioneer, Max Mortgenthale launched is brand, the world famous Nescafé. The coffee industry saw an unprecedented boom in the mid to late 90s both with the advancement in technology and the internet boom.

And now as we stand in the present day, COFE App aspires to take this beverage that has become a key ingredient in many life changing conversations to another level. With the ambition of digitizing the coffee marketplace, COFE App, uses technology to ease the coffee ordering process. The app focuses on shortening the distance between you and your daily coffee with its unique services and offerings, enabling you to spend more time with friends and family bonding over your favorite cuppa.

COFE App services include:

Get COFE at Counter: customers can place their order, customize it and pay through the app. Jumping straight to the pick-up counter at the coffee shop.  

Get COFE to Office: Through this service customers can order their coffee from the coffee shops in and around their office tower through the app and have it delivered right at their desk.

Get COFE to Car: COFE App users can order their beverage through the app and have it brought to their car. 

Get COFE to Classroom: This service was custom designed for vendors located in universities across Kuwait. Students can place their orders through the app, and have it brought to their classrooms.

Get COFE to Hospital: Designed for both staff and patients at the hospitals, this service allows you to order your coffee through the app and have it brought to your ward or office in the hospital.

Get COFE to Departure Gate: A first in the GCC, this service allows travelers to have their coffee delivered to them right at their departure gate at Kuwait International Airport. 

Delivery: This service allows users to get COFE delivered to any address of their choosing.