Have you ever had a moment where you wanted coffee so badly but couldn’t find the time to get it?  We know it’s frustrating right, well that’s what COFE App was designed for!

Two years to date, COFE App has influenced and transformed the coffee industry with it’s technological breakthrough. All the hard work and brewing sensations were all aimed to create the best possible coffee experience for all those around and a part of the COFE family. It is a start-up journey that never ceases to amaze and inspire coffee enthusiasts with a thirst for technology, so sit back, drink some COFE and let’s take you through how our 2 year long journey began. 

Like Martin Luther King Jr. starting his revolution speech with “I have a dream”, our founder Ali Al-Ebrahim, had a dream every time he indulged in a cup of coffee, a dream that combined both his love for coffee and passion for technology – three years later that dream became a reality.  

Whether you’re a loyal COFE App user or recently got introduced to the world of COFE App, knowing the brewing journey behind our application might get you hooked on it even more! The essence behind COFE App lies amongst the bitter sweet taste of success in every progress and defeat in every challenge. It is a journey filled with grind and shine, both of which shaped our reputation and presence within the coffee industry. 

COFE App is an online coffee-centric marketplace conceptualized in Kuwait and developed in Silicon Valley, USA – for coffee communities all around the world. It is a state-of-the-art application that runs on love, lots of COFE, and gives quick access to a wide range of independent and franchised coffee brands through multiple premium services and features. 

Our mobile application was beta launched in Kuwait 2018, and currently operates in various countries including KSA, UAE, UK and very soon across more regional and international countries – in hopes to unite all the coffee communities around the world through one platform.

To us, COFE is not just a beverage or a tech savvy application, it is a community we seek to aspire, create and develop. With a team of multinational and multicultural coffee enthusiasts, fueled by coffee and driven by passion, we strive to conquer the coffee industry and reach out to as many COFE lovers as we can.  Sky’s the limit! … or in our words COFE’s the limit!

Services and features are what make you or break you in the business world. We highly invest in creating and maintaining a smooth user experience that successfully fulfils all your coffee needs. Grabbing coffee on the go, cruising around with coffee by your side or even drinking coffee at the comfort of your home, COFE App has it all. Pick and choose from a variety of services and features that are perfectly suitable for your daily routine and are precisely constructed to perfect your day, rather than disturb it. 

Always brewing the best features for you!

So let’s take you through our services and features, what’s the harm in a little COFE thrill?

  • Pick-Up & Go!

Fast-Food ordering has got nothing on us! Order coffee before arriving at the coffee shop and you’ll always skip the long ordering line, which means never having to worry about being late ever again. Coffee ordering has reached a whole new level thanks to COFE App. 

  • Get COFE at your Car!

Why ruin your cruising vibe by parking your car and leaving it to go order coffee and not to mention having to dress up neatly so you won’t look ridiculous? …Add COFE App to your cruising vibe and your coffee comes to you without having to enter the coffee shop or stressing over what to wear. 

  • COFE Delivery

Who says you always have to go out to grab coffee? Staying at home while drinking coffee is always a plus! When COFE App is involved, we’ll maintain your comfort, nurture your relaxation and fuel up your energy by delivering your coffee to your doorstep!

  • COFE Store

Always embrace your hidden barista talents, we support you and believe in you till the end. Be a part of the coffee making universe, who knows you might end up opening your own coffee shop one day and having it on COFE App. Kick start your coffee making universe by ordering the coffee essentials we have in store for you, so you can begin grinding your caffeinated journey like a pro.

  • Rewards, Rewards, REWARDS!

Saying it three times is just not enough! …Why stack up your wallet with old useless punch cards that end up getting lost or forgotten? Our rewards are paperless, weightless and with you all the time! …Beans are collected, and rewards are added every time you place an order on COFE App! Getting you hooked on COFE wasn’t all we had in mind, we mixed a little bit of sugar and spice and everything nice to brew a whole new world of never-ending rewards, so more like COFE with benefits you might say!

  • COFE Referral Program

Word of mouth gets you unlimited credits, that’s just how much we’re fueled on your COFE love! Spread the word, share your referral discounts with your friends and the unlimited COFE credits will start rolling in! As if rewards are not enough, we added a fun twist to your COFE, as we all know COFE with a friend makes the perfect blend.

  • COFE Gift Cards

Have you ever noticed someone frowning from coffee? No such thing exists! Add COFE to all your occasions and celebrate your loved ones with a never ending supply of COFE gift cards, fit for all your joyous moments! Happiness and creativity at its best, with a hint of COFE of course!

Getting hooked on COFE App is no shock, it combines both technological advancements and the artistry of ordering coffee at your utmost convenience. Whether it was enjoying the luxury of faster, easier ordering methods or simply indulging yourself in never-ending rewards, COFE App is the ultimate experience we all need!

Using COFE App is one thing, but have you ever wondered how these methods and concepts started? Well in a nutshell, our motto is that we believe every need has a solution and every solution starts with a need, so here you go, think of a need missing in this world and build around it, and trust us with a cup of COFE by your side think of all the majestic wonders that follows!

We above all people understand that we are all in need of some stress reducing techniques or even routines to get us through the day, so why not let COFE absorb all your stress and induce your body with enough energy to transform that frown upside down!

So get on board and be a part of our community, family and lifestyle, all linked together with one common ground, which is the need for COFE! 

COFE App’s journey is just beginning, with coffee in one hand and confidence in the other we have a brew-tiful future ahead of us. So sit tight, relax and enjoy our brewing ride, we’ll surely make your heart skip a bean!

May the brewing never end!