Coffee in our region is more than a beverage, it is a culture. While in most parts of the world coffee provides that much needed caffeine boost, for us it is what fuels our conversations. Politics, culture and gossip, heated debates and resounding laughter are all shared over a cup of coffee.

It is this life-long association with coffee, that led us to create the COFE App. While there are food delivery apps galore in the region, there is no exclusive platform for coffee lovers where they can find everything from their favorite COFE beverages, to COFE machines, capsules and COFE accessories. In comes COFE!

From international COFE franchises to local artisanal COFE vendors, and innovative COFE products we have something for everyone. The app is more of a lifestyle choice for COFE lovers, an upgrade in their COFE consumption process.

We understand the intricacies of delivering a very specific product to a very niche consumer. Which means that just promising a fast delivery isn’t enough, the in-app experience has to be just as good, as the beverage itself, a task that was made possible because of our international team of COFE-fueled super-tech guys.

However, beyond market gaps and the growing era of mobile application based businesses, what really moves us is our love for COFE. Through COFE we want to build a community, people who bond over this shared passion. We want to use technology to bring back the human connection. To make it easier for people to share COFE and conversations.