There are as many different coffee beans as there are coffee based beverages. With varying size, shape and color and flavor, it is not too far-fetched to say that all of us have a bean type. So which one is yours?

Depending on whether you like your coffee bitter, with sugar, with or without creamer, we have tried to simplify the intricacies of each bean. Even though there may be over a 100 species of coffee beans, there mainly two kinds of beans cultivated for commercial coffee making, namely – Arabica, and Robusta.

At COFE App we believe that coffee is more than just a beverage, and we want people to relish theirs daily dose of caffeine instead of just downing it as fuel. However, no matter what you choose, on the COFE App we have you covered – all kinds of coffees, for all kinds of COFE Lovers!



Coffea Arabica is the most popular bean comprising of about 70% of the coffee market consumption. The quality of Arabica beans can be determined by its bright body, better acidity and presence of an intricate flavor profile. Because Arabica is a higher grade bean, it is more expensive, and used mainly in specialty coffee. Arabica coffee can be best enjoyed hot and without creamer.

With almost double the amount of caffeine, Coffea Robusta is literally the stronger of the two blends. They are easier to grow and require less care when compared to Arabica, therefore priced lower. Robusta is most used in off-the-shelf instant coffee. If you are someone who loves cream and sugar, then Robusta is the way to go! Also great for iced coffees.