COFE App, an online coffee marketplace, was the only Kuwait-based startup listed as one of the “Top 50 Startups to Watch in the Arab World” by FORBES Middle East. Conceptualized in Kuwait and developed in Silicon Valley, the app connects coffee house chains and specialty coffee roasters with coffee lovers through a seamless, easy and efficient user-interface.

Created by a multinational team of technology professionals who are also coffee enthusiasts, the app has quickly penetrated the market. COFE has carved itself a niche among coffee lovers and early adopters in a marketplace where coffee is an essential part of daily life and local culture.

COFE App Founder and CEO Ali Al Ebrahim said: “We would like to thank Forbes Middle East for believing in our app’s potential. Though it’s always nice to be recognized, today we are more focused than ever on growing both our range of vendors and our customer base in Kuwait, the Middle East, and beyond. COFE brings together tradition and technology in a unified platform serving a region where coffee is more than just a beverage. We are excited about the next phase of our journey and helping coffee lovers get their daily fix of java from their favorite coffee brewers delivered right to their door with a tap on our app.”

COFE App features:

  • Saves time through a quick, easy, seamless and simple coffee purchasing experience.
  • Extensive menu options that enable drinks customization (for example: sugar, milk type, and other add-ons).
  • Multiple delivery options, including delivery to office or home, counter pick up, and car delivery service.
  • Catering services for meetings and private banquets, with on-site kiosk and barista service.
  • Multiple payment options, including cash-on delivery, debit cards and credit on the account.

COFE was Beta launched in February 2018 in Kuwait, and will soon be available in other countries.