Coffee is much-loved and appreciated across the globe. Given the fact that coffee finds its place in the heart of many varied people and culture, over time it has also acquired many different names. We take a look at some of coffee’s ‘other’ names and how they came to be… 

Qahwah a.k.a Coffee

There is a theory that perhaps Kahwa is not another name for coffee, but that it is the other way around. According to Sylvestre de Sacy, a French linguist, the term coffee is actually derived from the Arabian word Qahwah / Kahwa / Kahua / Kahoueh / Kaffa. It is this word that has been borrowed by different cultures, and modified to suit different languages.

COFE a.k.a Coffee

We at COFE App often get asked why our brand name spells coffee differently. Here’s the secret – the term COFE is an abbreviation for the statement – Coffee Ordering Fast & Efficient. Given that we are constantly trying to add ease and efficiency to your daily COFE ordering process, the brand name is a constant reminder of our purpose and goal.  At COFE App, we aspire to become synonymous with this much loved beverage and every day we work towards getting a little bit closer to this ultimate dream.

JAVA a.k.a Coffee

The term Java comes from the Indonesian island of Java. Although the Dutch settlers in the 1600s brought coffee trees to the Indonesian islands of Bali and Sumatra, they also began to plant coffee on the lesser known island of Java. People suspect that the Dutch initially referred to the single-origin coffee from the island as Java, and eventually the term was adopted by people from around the world for all kinds of coffees.

Cup of Joe a.k.a Coffee

Used mainly as a nickname for coffee by Americans, the term ‘Cup of Joe’ has multiple origin stories, here’s the one we find most interesting. Apparently, one US Navy Admiral Josephus ‘Joe’ abolished alcohol on navy ships in 1914, making coffee the next best thing for the sailors. Given that it was because Admiral Joe that this shift is preference happened the sailor’s new favorite beverage came to be known as “Cup of Joe”.

So, what do you call your coffee?