The Smart Way to Get Your Daily COFE

Welcome to the Online Coffee Marketplace

The COFE App is a COFE lover’s ultimate destination. Launched in early 2018, the COFE app is an online marketplace that brings everything COFE related to one place. The mobile application makes it easier for people to get their daily caffeine dose through delivery (COFE ON-THE-GO), pick up (COFE PICK UP) and catering (COFE GATHERINGS) options. From coffee beverages to coffee machines, beans and accessories, name it and COFE has it.

The COFE App brings together tradition and technology. In a region where coffee is more than beverage, COFE finds itself at the very heart of its conversations. A lifestyle app, COFE calls for an innovation in how people access this much loved beverage. With a variety of food delivery apps in market, what makes the COFE App special is its focus on this black gold.

Created by a team of COFE fueled tech engineers from around the world, the COFE App offers its consumers an immersive user interface. An app that makes the COFE ordering experience easy, efficient and engaging. With three-tap ordering capabilities, in-app credit options, and exciting multi-brand promotions, the COFE app is a must for anyone who appreciates their caffeine.

“We wanted to create a central meeting point for all COFE lovers. A place where getting your daily coffee is supplemented by becoming part of an intimate community. Considering we all are a part of a culture that both loves and appreciates coffee, we are excited about the possibilities that our future holds,” said Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder & CEO of the COFE App.

With international franchise chains such as Costa Coffee, Caribou Coffee, McCafe, Toby’s Estate and Nespresso, as well as local artisanal COFE vendors like, CAF and Jumo, to name a few, this mobile application offers COFE lovers the best of both worlds.

In today’s new age technology based market, COFE enters with the distinct advantage of being a niche service. COFE Enthusiasts taking this much loved beverage to COFE lovers. With an understanding of the local culture and a multi-cultural team that aspires for international standard, COFE is all set to woo its customers with the best of tradition and technology.