If you thought all your coffee did was wake you up in the morning… think again! A 100 billion dollar a year industry worldwide, coffee runs a considerable part of the world economy. Which is why it should not come as a surprise to you that coffee is actually the second most sought after commodity. The first? Oil!

However, coffee wasn’t always this big, in fact through history there have been multiple attempts at banning it because it was considered to inspire impure thoughts and radical thinking. So much so that in 1746, the Swedish government made it illegal to even own coffee accessories like cups and dishes. In fact one leader disliked coffee enough to punish coffee drinkers by throwing them into the sea.

Considering COFE Lovers no longer have to worry about capital punishment, we thought we would resolve all the other COFE related problems they might face. The COFE App delivers this much loved beverage from almost all of Kuwait’s favorite coffee brands, and what’s more, we got you covered on the coffee related accessories bit as well. The COFE App is a complete online COFE marketplace!

While we here in the Arab World drink a considerable amount of coffee, the maximum consumption of coffee happens in Scandinavian countries like Finland, Iceland and Norway. This golden bean, however, is almost exclusively produced in the world’s developing region – all the way from South America to Africa through to South East Asia. In fact Indonesia is the producer of the world’s most expensive Luwak coffee, sold at $600 a pound, and a cup of Luwak coffee can cost anywhere between 60-80 dollars (USD).

With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee being consumed every day, there is little doubt that the coffee business doesn’t just make business sense, it is equally loved. For us at COFE, this beverage has inspired conversations, form communities and friendships.

It’s true that we are in the COFE App business, however it is truer that what we do, we do with great love, both for coffee and COFE Lovers.

If you haven’t already checked us out you can download the app through COFE APP. If you are already on COFE App, tell us what else we can do to make your experience better.